Writing Portfolio

Pioneers of Modern Dance

Written for my DAN 240: Modern Technique I class, in this paper I discuss the shared vision of modern dance during the 20th century, referencing texts from dancemakers, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Hanya Holm, and Doris Humphrey.


The Power of the Mind in the Sacred Quest

Written for my REL 170: Comparative Religions course, in this paper I reflect on the power of the mind in both the internal Christian journey of the soul and the Tibetan journey of a dying person to liberation, using texts, Teresa of Avila: The Interior Castle and The Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Mrs. Johnson in A Raisin in the Sun

Written for my ENG 220: Literary Analysis class, in this short analysis, I discuss the effect and importance of the eventually cut scene in A Raisin in the Sun involving the Younger’s neighbor, Mrs. Johnson.


Feminism in Raymond Carver’s Short Stories

Written for my ENG 220: Literary Analysis class, in this research paper I use three of Raymond Carver’s short stories, “Fat”, “Why Don’t You Dance?”, and “I Could See the Smallest Things”, to discuss the role of second wave feminism ideals in the female characters of Carver’s stories. To further my point, I take support from critical analysis.


Effects of a Visual Aspect on Rates of Kangaroo Care

Written over the span of my junior and senior year of high school, the senior thesis required me to engage in a  research project culminating with an oral defense at the end of my senior year. For my topic, I chose to study the effect of increasing awareness of Kangaroo care (a method of care for babies involving skin-to-skin contact between parent and child) on overall rates in the nurseries of the Medical University of SC.